Formed in 1999, ABM Maintenance Ltd. is a Cambridge based company of time served and qualified engineers who's aim is to keep the buildings & associated systems and services running at optimum performance through various maintenance techniques to suit your individual needs,

Intelligent Maintenance Engineering

General maintenance specifications are a blunt tool when deciding on actions that need to be taken to a given system. The heating system in a warehouse containing materials that would not suffer if the heating failed cannot be considered the same as say an elderly care home, even if the actual equipment is identical.

We will work with you to decide the correct level of maintenance which will be a balance between cost & reliability. 100% workable reliability is attainable, it just costs a lot to achieve through redundancy and other techniques depending on the system.

Compliance With legislation

Regardless of the level of engineering cover we provide, we will always ensure you comply with all current legislation pertaining to the systems we maintain. Certificate will always be up to date by ensuring compliance actions are carried out before the expiry date. Certificates will be PDF’d to you for you reference and printed out & kept in a site log book which can always be quickly referenced to see all compliance certificates. 


NO telephone menus,

No help desk who don’t know who you are,

No need to remember your account number.

You deal with us, directly. A small team, all of whom will know exactly who you are and what your particular needs are. Welcome back to the old days of personal communications!

You can expect:-

  • –To know the person who picks up the phone.
  • –To get instant answers to urgent problems.
  • –To recognise the Engineers who come to your site.
  • –Quotes to be turned around in a couple of days, hours if more urgent.
  • –To be given options.
  • –Regular reporting.

Health & Safety

We take the health and safety of our employees and those we may come into contact with during our normal works very seriously.

Every site is surveyed and risk assessed. We are assessed by a number of institutions for our H&S competence i.e. EXOR, Safe Contractor, Elog-books & Constructionline.

To date, since formed in 1999, we have had no (that’s 0, zero!) notifiable incidents.

Environmental Awareness

We are committed to the environment and are keen to implement any energy saving measures which will also impact favourably on your utility bills.

Initially our most important function is to ensure your existing systems are functioning optimally, correct times, temperatures etc. We are ideally placed to be able to advise on any modifications which may improve efficiency & will always back these suggestions up with detailed analyses allowing you to make informed decisions.

We highly recommend the regular taking & review of meter readings. Spikes in usage can then be investigated promptly averting potential major problems if left unchecked.